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Experience spiritual travels, art & creative tours, Morocco individual and activity holiday with ethnoTOURS reisekultur

Do you like to experience your holiday completely different and spiritual? You want to embark on a personal journey towards your own center while to get to know foreign cultures? Spiritual Journeys to India, Bali, Nepal, Mexiko and Morocco open up unimagined horizons. On nature travels to the High North and Iceland you can encounter your vision. Activity holiday in Morocco, Jordan and Armenia introduce you to land and culture. Discover the colours of Morocco on our art & creative tours.
On a tailormade journey you can experience Morocco individual - You will be enchanted by the magic of foreign countries, diving into vibrant, oriental cities, experiencing the daily life of the Nomads in the seclusion of the desert and in the solitude of majestic mountain ranges with their pristine valleys.

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ethnoTOURS reisekultur invites you to very special itineraries: spiritual journeys with our selected tour guides lead you to magical and spiritual power places. Get inspired on our nature travels with meaning or experience an activity holiday with the fullness and beauty of nature - dive into foreign cultures and experience your vacation spiritually!

Spiritual travels to India: The revelations of the Rishis

India stands for spirituality as no other country in the world. The ancient Indian Vedas are the source of today's Hinduism and its philosophy. The Hindu cosmology, the Ayurveda and Vedic astrology is based on the revelations of the Rishis, the ancient sages.
Spiritual travels to India offers occasions to visit historical and contemporary temples in South India – and the chance to throw a glance at your destiny in the palm-leaf libraries. Spiritual places of powers as the five most important Shiva temples are assigned to the elements earth, water, fire, air and sky and convey their energies in a special way.

Spiritual journey to Bali: Healing ceremonies and the High Priestess

On a spiritual journey to Bali you can also get a glimpse on your destiny at a palm leaf reading - the Brahmins here are also guardians of the ancient Vedic traditions. In addition to visits of temples and other sacred places of power you have plenty opportunities to keep up your physical health and mental balance: healing ceremonies, Aura Cleaning and rituals with the High Priestess unlock the spiritual side of the paradise island of Bali.

Spiritual journey to Nepal: The Himalaya and its traditions

The spiritual journey to Nepal let you dive into the world of the Himalayan shamans with their traditions and lived spirituality. Their rituals and ancestral festivals give insight into the culture and religion on the roof-top of the world. Encounter impressive meetings in a unique nature face-to-face with the majestic peaks of the world’s highest mountain range with its pristine valleys. Discover the culturally diverse Kathmandu Valley, visit Buddhist monks in monasteries and practice yoga in places of highest grandeur.

Spiritual journey to Morocco: Solitude and silence of the desert

The people of Morocco and their traditional way of life disclose a very special country. The Berber nomads in the High Atlas and in the Moroccan deserts maintain great hospitality and their cultural heritage. The encounter with the locals of the rural peasantry, in cities and its Medinas as well as the immersion into the great nature shows the visitor the colorful diversity of the country. A spiritual journey to Morocco brings you into the solitude and silence of unspoiled nature in the mountains and deserts of Morocco.

Spiritual journeys into nature: Nature travels to the High North

Nature is our source and has the purest power from which we can draw. Long walks on nature travels and canoe trips through the endless tundra and taiga with its lakes connects us with this energy. Our Nature travel with meaning to Iceland provides best conditions for a Vision Quest giving your life a new meaning!

Art and creative journey to Morocco: The colours of Morocco

Rediscover and develop your own creativity on a creative journey through the wild Moroccan nature and through a visit of the Nomadic Culture Festival in der desert! Art and creative journeys to Morocco with ethnoTOURS travel culture inspire and enfold your creativity!

Individual experience Morocco

Be enchanted by the magic of the Orient on an individual journey to Morocco: the Kingdom in the Maghreb tells a moving story and inspires with its oriental variety. A road trip through Morocco reveals the diversity of nature and the solitude of the desert. It introduces to the nomadic culture of the Berbers who are the original inhabitants of the country. Short trips to the vibrant royal cities or in the High Atlas let you experience Morocco in a very special way. Experience Morocco individual, pure and unadulterated – with the customized trips of ethnoTOURS travel culture!

Activity holiday in Morocco, Jordan and Armenia

"The Orient does not reveal itself as an open book, you have to unlock it", says a proverb. With curiosity, openness and desire to travel you can tap into the desert and the nomadic life of its residents on guided tours. Whether desert trekking on dromedary respectively camel or on horseback through the rocky deserts or with a four by four through remote desert areas - for your felicitous activity holiday we cooperate on our group tours with professional guides.

ethnoTOURS reisekultur grants you unforgettable experiences, special encounters and deep insights into the country, culture and nature. Gather in our travels invaluable impressions:

  • Untouched and fascinating landscapes
  • Rich and traditional cultures
  • Powerful, spiritual healing rituals
  • Foreign arts and handicrafts

Expand cultural horizons

Our travels bring you in touch with people from other cultures to experience their warmth and hospitality. It is important for us to convey understanding for the background of their lifestyles in order to get deeper insight into other traditions and values.

Travels to magic worlds at special places of power

Spiritual journeys with ethnoTOURS travel culture lead you to places of power that mediate their specific energies providing inspiring experiences and getting you connected with the strength of your heart. On these itineraries you can immerse yourself into the culture of the country and follow the path to yourself the same time.

Partners are our friends

On our journeys you will be taken care of our local friends and relatives who meet you and pick you up at your destination. Together with them you can dive into another world. Take your time and enjoy – and live to see an unforgettable individual trip or spiritual journey!

Benefits awaiting you on ethnoTOURS reisekultur journeys:

  • Travels to faraway, magic countries
  • Spiritual and cultural experiences
  • Authentical insights into foreign cultures
  • Professional guidances